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    Competition-grade roasted Oolong tea from Taiwan with a deep fruity and roasted nut flavor. 

  • Dong Ding Oolong tea is named after the mountain in Taiwan where it is grown. Dong Ding means "frozen peak" in Mandarin. The name was coined because the mountain is often shrouded in fog and mist, creating a cool and humid environment ideal for growing tea. The tea was grown in the Alishan area and farmers used Qing Xin tea cultivar to make this tea.

    Dong Ding Oolong tea, like many other Taiwanese Oolongs, has a traditional ball shape which is achieved after rolling the leaves several times. The leaves of this tea are dark green with a slight hint of brown due to light oxidation which was kept at 30%. The unique taste and aroma of this tea are the result of various factors, including the high altitude, unique climate of the Dong Ding mountain region, the careful attention to detail in the production and especially during the charcoal roasting process. This Competition grade Oolong is slowly roasted for 16 hours with short breaks. Tea leaves are placed in a special roasting chamber and heated over charcoal for several hours. This tea was roasted by mister Liang who, according to our request, did not final roast this tea leaving the charcoal roasting at about 55%. This processing still gives the tea juicy flavour profile with delicate nuttiness and fruitiness without the dominating smoky character sometimes found in deeper roasted oolong teas. This charcoal roasting also helps to preserve its freshness and shelf life so you can store your tea indefinitely and it only gets more sweet, aromatic and better with time.

    Produced - 12.2022