Tealure was founded with the goal of discovering the most unique, pure, fresh and best-tasting teas available in Nepal and sharing them with the world. We work exclusively with small, family-owned farms and cooperatives in remote regions of Nepal, and support innovation and dedication to quality through only sourcing labor-intensive teas. Every tea has a unique flavor and style that reflects its origin, variety, vintage and artisanal method of manufacture.

Unlike other tea companies that use distributors and brokers, Tealure is committed to the direct model, offering you an opportunity to work directly with the importer. We put all our creativity to work for you, so you can focus on what is essential: your customers! Contact us by filling in the contact form below if your business is interested in purchasing some of the most unique, limited harvest teas in the world, backed by quality and innovation.

We reply to emails as soon as possible, so as to provide you with more information about our excellent terms, pricing and products.


Kombucha - 30 units (possible to mix flavours).

Tea - 5 units of one position.


Delivery term - 5 days after completed order.

Billing term - 4 weeks after delivery.


MB „Arbatologija“
Manager: Ernestas Klevas
Company code: 304840275
VAT: LT100011918719
Kražantės st. 9, LT-52110, Kaunas, Lithuania
Tel.: (+370) 67 60 77 16
E-mail: info@tealure.com

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