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    Winter Oolong tea from Taiwan with subtle sweetness and exceptionally delicate taste. 

  • Dong Pian (which means "winter piece") tea is from the Lishan area of Taiwan, grown at about 2100 meters above sea level and is lightly oxidized and unroasted.
    Dong Pian tea is made from the buds along with the older leaves that have been picked in winter when there is a sudden rise in temperatures that "tricks" tea plants into thinking it is spring and it begins to grow before the usual Spring harvest. Such growth occurrences usually take place in January but at a much slower rate compared to other harvest seasons. This warm weather in January does not occur every year, so Dong Pian tea is a rare tea to come by. Due to such growing conditions the taste of the tea becomes milder and fresher, with a pronounced sweetness recalling orchids. It can be steeped almost indefinitely without producing any bitterness.

    Produced - 01.2023