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    The volume of one bottle is 750 ml.

    A festive kombucha set in classic, citrus and bourbon flavors. 

  • We are extremely happy to present to you the exclusive Tealure kombucha series. Thanks to the carefully selected flavors and delicate design, this kombucha can become an incomparable drink for your festive table. In total, the box consists of 3 different flavors:


    Rich black Himalayan tea fermented in a bourbon barrel is a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. Black tea leaves are almost completely oxidized. Due to this process, the tea darkens and acquires a lush, rich taste. Its taste is quite bright - it is one of the strongest types of tea. The intense taste and aroma of tea are transferred to kombucha with a unique taste during fermentation. An elegant bottle of champagne is perfect for a festive table or as a gift for dear people.


    The freshest kombucha in this assortment of festive drinks. Lightly carbonated and already a classic taste from Himalayan green tea and our herbs: lemongrass and mint. Its teas have a deep, bright, aromatic taste, a light green color, and a fresh citrus aftertaste. Warning - once you try this kombucha, there's a good chance you'll fall in love with the naturally fermented drink forever.


    For those looking for a natural taste, we offer kombucha made from "Summer Muscatel" black tea, which reveals an exceptional taste of stone fruits in kombucha. Summer Muscatel black tea is produced only in June and July in the highland valleys of Nepal. Expressive but at the same time soft scents of plums and peaches are felt immediately after tasting the tea and then gradually transition to a sweeter floral taste and aroma. In addition, the vanilla spice of Summer Muscatel enriches this versatile palette of aromas.

    The box consists of - 3 pcs.

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