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    Spring harvest Japanese Sencha with deep umami flavour.

    Type of tea
  • "Komorebi" is a Japanese word meaning "sunlight penetrating the trees". It is the first warmer rays of sunlight in spring that awaken the tea bushes from their hibernation and release the minerals they have accumulated over the winter into the first tea leaves of the year. The southern part of the Mie region, near the Daikou mountains, there is a stronger focus on Sencha tea production compared to the northern part. Due to its cooler climate and dense fog, this region is renowned for its high-quality teas. This is exactly what Komorebi Sencha is. This sencha grows in a tea garden which, due to its mountainous location, gives the tea bushes natural shade, enhancing the natural sweetness of this tea. The drying process uses a lower temperature which preserves the natural aroma and flavour of the tea. We have long dreamed of receiving this exceptionally crafted Sencha tea, which is the perfect result of farmer Hidenori's loving collaboration with nature. Of the six quality levels of Sencha tea that our friend Farmer Hidenori produces depending on the season, this 100% hand-picked and made from the Yabukita tea variety is the highest Sencha grade. This sencha has a fresh vegetal taste with sweetened nuances of seaweed and grass.

    Harvest - 05.2023

    Final processing of tea from Arachos - 08.2023 

    Brewing suggestions:

    1 tsp. (2,5g.) / 200ml

    70° C
    60 seconds for the first infusion, 30 second for the second and third.