Volume per bottle - 750 ml.

    "Single Tea Kombucha" - a special creation by "Tealure" founder Ernestas. It's a limited edition series of kombuchas made from rare, fresh teas directly sourced from small farms.

    Store in a cool place! 

  • 2023 Q2 Calendar:

    Kombucha #1

    Summer White. A very subtle kombucha fermented from tea made from the top leaves with buds collected in late autumn mornings. The tea is delicate, light in color with the aroma of fresh wet grass. The taste is slightly sweet, floral, with a hint of grass.

    Kombucha #2

    Competition Dong Ding Oolong. The richest of this batch of Kombucha from the unyielding Taiwanese Dong Ding tea with a deep fruity and roasted nut flavor.

    Kombucha #3

    Lao Green Puerh. We chose Puerh tea from Laos, hand-carried from our backpack, made from 400-year-old tea trees, which is memorable for its spicy taste, balanced with refreshing earthy undertones.

    Volume per bottle - 750 ml.
    Pack of 3 bottles.
    Store in a cool place!


    Fresh tea directly from the most remote tea farms, with their unique characteristics, complements different seasons. It also creates an atmosphere and connects you with the masters who made these teas in their small farms. Four times a year, we ferment these teas into limited edition exclusive flavor kombucha, selecting three different flavor kombucha options for your special occasions.

    The Single tea kombucha line is not mixed with herbs, fruits, or spices because each tea we choose has a unique taste and style, reflecting the origin, harvest, and farming methods of the tea. The flavor nuances that arise during the tea growing and production process become even more pronounced during the kombucha production process, giving our beverage an even more unique taste.

    The first fermentation of this kombucha is always done in glass vessels, and the second fermentation is done in champagne bottles, where the aging process is controlled to create even more subtle flavor nuances. Since we use rare teas obtained in small quantities, this kombucha series is limited edition and is sold until stocks run out. Each quarter, the previous line is discontinued, and three new flavors are released, making each release unique and one-of-a-kind.

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