Specialty Tea
Fresh teas sourced directly from smallholder tea gardens.
Craft Kombucha
Distinctive and vibrant kombucha made with garden-fresh tea from the Himalayas.
Bean to Bar Tea Chocolate
Discover the allure of specialty tea and premium cacao in one bar.
Essential tea accessories for brewing a perfect cup of tea.
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About us
Since 2013, Tealure has sourced specialty teas directly from individual tea gardens around the world.
Crafting kombucha to traditional recipes, and experimenting with flavors in our bean to bar tea chocolate.
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  • See what real tea lovers think about Tealure

    I tasted your kombucha and I can say that it is an AMAZING DRINK!!!!! I have never tried a tastier beverage. It was a traditional flavour, without any spices (I somehow prefer that :)) and it was absolutely delicious.
    Black Ruby was quite a surprise. The tea master who produced this tea has mastered what is known as the Maillard reaction in the gourmet world. The price for these quality teas is unheard of. There is no excuse not to taste these pure teas at the prices they are currently selling for.
    Alexis, Simply Tea
    Those who like kombucha were not disappointed after tasting this :) the team really liked it, they were satisfied and did not spare a good word. :) So we are very happy to have your product in our taproom :)
    Genys Taproom
    Your tea is amazing ?
    Thank you
    5. After previously trying many other kombucha brands, we were very impressed with Tealure, the flavours are really great. ?
    I can conclude that Tealure has found tea that "departs from the norm", where the "norm” is the tea I have previously tasted ;-)
    Julie, A Teaholic
    I have been a fan of this kombucha for a long time, so why not take it with me! And yes, you won't find kombucha that tastes like this in the UK. Believe me… I have tried many different ones here. I won't lie, there are good ones in the UK too, but not as good as Tealure.
    Ana, SveikosMintys
    Hello Tealure! I love your kombucha so much, I want to have it in my fridge all the time.
    I personally have a big interest in tea, and I think you have come up with some really great selections.
    Mads, Grønbech& Churchill
    I have tasted your kombucha with holy basil. It's amazing!
    Julija. ItalalaCaffé
    Hello, I bought tea and kombucha from Tealure. I haven't tasted all the tea yet, but what I’ve tasted so far has been great! And the kombucha already needs to be hidden from my housemates :) So cool guys, it really feels like it was "made with love”
    So ultimately, I have been fortunate enough to discover the extremely great pleasure of your lovely Spring White tea.
    Mads, Arla Unika
    The Silver Needles tea I bought from you is nothing less than absolutely amazing!!! Oh, my sweet Nepalese Mountain!! Amazing... Thank you. 
    Recently I was in Vilnius, in a coffeeshop, and I tried your kombucha drinks. They are very good, and I am interested in selling them in my shop.
    Tealure - definitely my favorite discovery of the year. I have introduced their silver tips [Silver Needles] to all the tea drinkers in my home. The tea is fantastic, and I look forward to tasting more in the new year, introducing their products to new people.
    Louise Pierrel
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