About us

  • About us

    The idea of Tealure was born after the founder, Ernestas Klevas, spent almost half a year in Nepal.

    There, he traveled through the mountainous regions, collecting data for his master's thesis in Public Health.

    The tea farmers he met during his travels impressed him with their handcrafted teas. This discovery and the limited supply of quality tea at the time led to the founding of Tealure.

    For a decade, Ernestas has been searching for unique teas in Asia and delivering it directly to tea drinkers looking for an exceptional taste.

    From a combination of natural Himalayan teas and herbs grown in our garden and beyond, we make a fermented beverage - Kombucha. The highest quality tea and our experience in fermentation has allowed us to create unique kombucha flavors that perfectly complement the Tealure catalog.
    In 2022, we took a new step to bridge the gap between two delicate products - tea and bean-to-bar chocolate. We released handmade chocolate bars, made from selected cocoa beans mixed with our specialty teas, creating nuanced flavors for our chocolate bars.
    Exploring the versatility of tea is our passion. We find new ways to highlight the subtle nuances of specialty tea in different products.
    ¨I'm a tea modernist: I believe that there’s more than one way to enjoy premium tea¨
    Ernestas Klevas, Founder of Tealure