• Various tea subscription

    Mixed box contains 2 different teas of different types. It may be White, Green, Black, Ulong or Puerh

    15.00 - 153.00 VAT incl.
    A subscription to rare teas

    Let us surprise you every month with our selected teas. Limited production quality teas, which are reserved exclusively for members of this subscription. 

    30.00 - 306.00 VAT incl.
    Dark tea subscription

    In the boxes of dark teas you will find 2 different teas each month - there may be longer oxidation Black teas, Puerh, dark Oolongs. 

    15.00 - 153.00 VAT incl.
    Light tea subscription

    In the boxes of light teas, you will find 2 different teas every month - it can be white, green teas, light oolongs. 

    15.00 - 153.00 VAT incl.
    Tea Samples Subscription

    Each month, try our recommended tea samples collection, which includes teas of every type. May include green, white, black, puerh, oolong, and tea blends. 

    18.00 - 183.00 VAT incl.
  • Are you a true tea enthusiast and would like to discover your favorite teas from our carefully selected tea range? Then choose the teas you like best for the most convenient subscription period, and we will make sure that your home shelf is never short of fresh Tealure tea.