The tea samples subscription box

  • The tea samples subscription box

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    Each month, try our recommended tea samples collection, which includes teas of every type. May include green, white, black, puerh, oolong, and tea blends. 

  • The first box is delivered within 1-3 days after ordering. We will send the following sets by the 10th of each month. When ordering a subscription of at least 3 months - free delivery to the post office.

    The set consists of 8 packages of 7-10g of tea. On average, the package is enough to make 3-5 cups. Almost all of our teas should be brewed more than once, so each month you get over 30 cups of tea from each tea subscription box.

    We try to add new teas to the rotation every month so that you can try as many teas as possible from our range.

    After the subscription period expires, it does not automatically renew. We will send you an e-mail with the last shipment. a letter reminding you about the end of the subscription so that you can order automatic delivery again for the selected period.

    This subscription would make a great gift for a tea-loving family member or friend. Membership can be transferred to another person before it expires.

    As a subscriber, you will also receive an ongoing 10% discount on all teas in our shop. So, when you find a tea that you particularly like, you can easily buy it in our store with the aforementioned discount.

    If you have any questions or requests regarding the subscription - we will be waiting for your message.