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    The highest grade ceremonial Matcha from spring tea leaves. 

  • Akira is the pearl of our Matcha teas. The leaves for this tea have been hand-picked from the youngest spring leaves of one cultivar: Okumidori. Lightly steamed and strongly roasted, this matcha undergoes additional heating with a far-infrared heating machine before it is ground to enhance the fragrance of Matcha which could be felt during matcha whisking. The result is an exceptionally clean and balanced matcha with a complex taste. Very limited item, as production volume per year is less than a few hundred kilograms. This matcha was created for an official Matcha ceremony use and even in Japan it is classified as top level quality Matcha. From the beginning to the end of the first sip, you will experience layers of complex flavor, including a creamy balanced sweetness reminiscent of milk chocolate.

    Harvest - 05.2022

    Post processing from Tencha - 11.2022

    Brewing Suggestions:

    1 tsp. (2g.) / 80ml. 70° C