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    The nuances of cocoa and malt coalesce in this classic Nepalese black tea.

  • Only select one leaf and a bud is hand plucked during late summer season. Silvery bud and a leaf when under Black Pearl manufacturing are exposed to hot and humid air during withering as against cool air treatment in most of delicate tea manufacturing. Gradual hot and humid air of late summer air allows the leaf to breathe faster and manual rustling of the leaves in the troughs hastens oxidation process. The leaves are left in the troughs for over 16 hours and then lightly rolled in the mechanical roller for about 25 minutes. They are then shaped in the shaping machine for over 3 hours. This tea can only be made by an expert tea master who can judge the oxidation level of the tea when fed into the shaping machine. The silvery buds and the hair of the leaf turns golden and the teas are shaped into smaller pearl like shape and thus it is called Black Pearl. Black Pearl is fully oxidized specialty black tea with malty and cacao flavour without overwhelming tannins which common in teas produced from ‘Assamica’ varieties.

    Produced - 07.2022