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    A lightly oxidised Ulong tea from Taiwan with a delicate floral aroma and creamy texture. 

    Type of tea
    Nuntou, Taiwan
    Growth height
    Creamy, flowery
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  • Jing shuan (or Milk Oolong as it is commonly known in the West) is a lightly oxidized tea developed by the Taiwan Oolong Tea Research and Development Station in the 1970s and is one of the four most famous tea varieties of Taiwan. This tea variety is a worldwide famous for its milky aroma and creamy texture.
    Recently, there have been many Milky Oolongs floating into the market that get their milky flavour from artificial aromatisation. Some of these milky oolongs are even green teas made in other countries that are sprayed with artificial milk flavours in post-production, giving them a strong fragrance of milk. If the terroir is right with more sunlight, and with correct oxidation and roasting, the real Jing Shuan from Taiwan has a hint of creamy and floral aroma, along with a creamy taste that resonates in the mouth for a long time.
    This authentic and natural Jing Shuan grows in the Nuntou region at an altitude of 1050 meters and was harvested in December 2022. Due to the late harvest, this tea has less creaminess than spring and summer pickings, but has more sweetness and herbal nuances. 

    Produced - 12.2022