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    Create 20 pieces of one or different flavors. box of kombucha! The volume of one bottle is 330 ml. You can choose from 12 different flavors:

    Kombucha - Original, Basil, Chai, Lemongrass & Mint, Coffee, Matcha Genmaicha, Herbal, Grapefruit & Hops, Rooibos.

    Water kefir - ginger, passion fruit, raspberry.

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    What is Kombucha?

    Kombucha is a rapidly growing, raw, naturally fermented tea beverage rich in probiotics, organic acids, digestive enzymes and antioxidants. In search of new things, we often forget the old and tried ones. The same thing happened with kombucha. This drink, which has a history of more than 2,200 years, has recently experienced a real renaissance. Live kombucha is made with the help of good bacteria and yeast and is consumed and valued for its probiotic properties. Tealure kombucha can perfectly replace carbonated sweet drinks, because after fermentation the drink becomes naturally sparkling, has a wide selection of flavors and only about 3.6g/100ml of sugar.

    What is Water Kefir?

    Water kefir, which, like milk kefir, is a fermented drink made with the help of so-called "kefir grains". These grains are several types of bacteria and yeast existing in symbiosis, which during fermentation turn water with sugar into a healthy and tasty probiotic drink. Like Kombucha, this drink is suitable for vegans as it does not use milk in its production. Water kefir contains about 4.4g/100ml of sugar.

    Differences in taste between kombucha and water kefir.

    Both of these drinks are obtained during natural fermentation, but the dominant acetic acid bacteria in kombucha give it a slightly more sour taste, and the teas used in its production give it a complex taste. Lactobacillus, which dominates water kefir, gives the drink a milder taste that is enjoyed by people avoiding the more acidic kombucha, and the fruit puree used in the drink resembles a refreshing, fresh lemonade.

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