Milk Hojicha Chocolate with Timut Peppers 60%

  • Milk Hojicha Chocolate with Timut Peppers 60%

    Dark Milk Chocolate with Roasted Green Hojicha Tea and Timut Peppers. 

  • Milk Hojicha Chocolate, made using roasted Japanese Hojicha tea. This tea, sourced from tea bags, is known for its lower caffeine content and distinctive caramel and nutty flavor resulting from the roasting process. The same bold and expressive taste is present in this tea-infused chocolate. Complementing the flavor profile are untouched Timut peppers, which add hints of zesty grapefruit to the chocolate.

    In the chocolate-making process, we do not use lecithin, which may lead to the presence of air bubbles and cocoa butter streaks in the bars.


    Cocoa butter
    Cocoa beans (Philippines)
    Milk powder
    Cane sugar
    Roasted green Hojicha tea