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    Rare pan fired green tea made by only using leaves from more than 100 years old tea bushes.

  • Kamairicha refers to green teas that do not undergo steaming but instead are pan or wok fired. This style of tea holds a direct link to the teas introduced to Japan from China over a thousand years ago. While making up only a fraction of the tea produced in Japan, Kamairicha offers the chance to experience a rewarding and delicious style of Japanese tea. Only 30 - 40kg per year of this tea is produced because production takes place at an organic tea garden situated at 600m above sea level which is home for 100 years old tea bushes. The cultivar used is Zairai which is the original tea grown from seeds and therefore cannot be cultivated. Due to these conditions Miyazaki Kamairicha offers a very light and delicate taste with mineral notes. Try rare tea produced from the Zairai variety to experience tea from old days Japan.

    Derlius - 05.2022

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    Brewing Suggestions:

    1 tsp. (2,5g.) / 200ml. 75°-80° C

    90 seconds for the first infusion, 60 seconds for the second and third.