Regalo Philippines 85%

  • Regalo Philippines 85%

    Dark chocolate that perfectly balances the freshness of mint and green apples, complemented by subtle roasted green tea and hints of pepper. 

  • Only a very small portion of the produce grown in the Philippines meets the requirements for fine cocoa. In the Davao region of the southern Philippines, a carefully selected group of farmers is one of the few cultivators producing fine cocoa, each with a unique and distinctive flavor profile. For our chocolate, we have chosen one Trinitario variety, and the fermentation process applied to it has resulted in a unique flavor expression. For us, as tea enthusiasts, this flavor profile was a pleasant surprise. Primarily fermented Trinitario cocoa gives the chocolate a refreshing mint and green apple character, complemented by subtle roasted green tea, dried apricots, and hints of pepper.

    In the chocolate-making process, we do not use lecithin, which may lead to the presence of air bubbles and cocoa butter streaks in the bars.


    85% cocoa mass
    Cocoa butter
    Cane sugar