A set of 8 different teas pared with a glass teapot and a porcelain cup. 

  • A tea sampler set with a teapot and cup is the most effective way to start enjoying high quality loose tea. One of the main reasons why people tend to avoid loose tea is that it is not as convenient to prepare compared to tea bags. We have created this set so that you can enjoy our most popular teas in its most natural form and at your convenience. 

    The set consists of 8 samples of different teas, which we have selected to give you the deepest possible experience of teas process under different manufacturing techniques. The set includes white, green, oolong and black teas. From the most delicate white teas to rich black teas. We have completed the teas with a porcelain Lotus cup and a glass teapot, which will allow you to pour the tea with repeated infusions and in small quantities. A glass teapot will allow you to observe the agony of tea (rebirth and unfolding of leaves in water) and control the strength of infusion, and a thin-walled white porcelain cup will enhance the sensations of tea drinking by feeling the heat of the tea and seeing its color.

    A great tea gift for women or men for any occasion.

    Teapot - 120ml

    Cup - 120m