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    Each bottle has a volume of 330 ml.

    The kombucha box is filled with unique flavors of water kefir.

    In the box, you will find:

    Passion Fruit (4 bottles)

    Ginger (4 bottles)

    Raspberry (4 bottles) 

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    What makes 'Tealure' kombucha special?

    'Tealure' was founded with the aim of discovering unique, natural, and the most delicious teas grown in Nepal and Japan. We work directly with small family-owned farms and cooperatives in remote regions. We support innovation and dedication to quality, which is why we source only single-origin teas without any added flavors. Every year, we spend a month in the mountains of Nepal, where we personally produce white tea. Each tea we choose has a unique taste and style, reflecting the tea's origin and the farmers' production methods. From imported teas, Lithuanian herbs, and even herbs we grow ourselves, we create kombucha - a uniquely flavored fermented tea beverage. You can even create a kombucha box with ten different flavors.

    What is kombucha?

    Kombucha is a rapidly growing raw, naturally fermented tea beverage rich in probiotics, organic acids, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants. In our quest for new things, we often forget the old and tried-and-true. This is what happened with kombucha. This beverage, with over 2200 years of history, has recently experienced a true renaissance. Living kombucha is made with the help of good bacteria and yeasts and is consumed and appreciated for its probiotic properties. Tealure kombucha can be an excellent replacement for carbonated sweet drinks because after fermentation, the beverage becomes naturally effervescent, offering a wide range of flavor options and containing only 3.6g/100ml of sugar.

    What are the benefits of kombucha for our bodies?

    Rich in probiotics that provide the gut with good bacteria.
    Contains a plethora of biologically active substances, such as polyphenols, known for their antioxidant properties.
    A great alternative to carbonated drinks.