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    Lightly oxidIzed, flowery Himalayan tea is a bridge between white and light oolong teas. 

    Type of tea
    Ilam, Nepal
    Growth height
    Aromatic, floral
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  • Silvery and Fine Tippy one leaf and a bud from First Flush at Sandakphu foot hill plantation displays the fine spring seasonal flavor. One leaf and a bud picked only in the first few sunny spring days can earn such a character. Meticulous handling and judgmental slow oxidation makes this tea fine and extra ordinary.

    The very first bud and a new leaf is hand plucked with precision in the morning freshness from the garden. The leaves are then withered (removal of excess moisture from the tender bud and leaf) for about half an hour under the sun and then taken inside a closed room for further withering by supplying cold dry air. Withering process last the whole night and is combined with intermittent mild rustling of leaves by hand during the entire process and early in the morning, the withered leaves are brought to the rolling room where the leaves are lightly rolled and kept for natural and final oxidation. A careful watch on the development of nose is maintained. Varied oxidation by providing cool air by blowing fan and natural oxidation by keeping the leaves on the cool floor on a extended period of time bring about this nose typically desired for White Oolong. Once the flavor profile required for this typical tea is reached, the teas are dried in a wood fired dryer. Result is an exclusive white Oolong that appears silvery (curled silver tips), often confused with White teas. Unlike white teas where oxidation is kept at around 3 - 5 %, White Oolong is oxidized as high as 20%.